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You must be eligible for a Pfizer vaccination before making a booking. Please confirm your eligibility prior to calling us. You are eligible for Pfizer if you are:

  • Aged between 40-59 years of age (no documentation necessary)

  • Aged between 16-39 and are:

    • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (12-39 year olds)

    • An NDIS participant or carer

    • A personal/unpaid carer 

    • Pregnant

    • Hotel quarantine, defence or emergency services worker and immediate household contacts

    • Any worker who works in health, aged or disability care

    • Meat and seafood processing workers

    • Public transport workers, ride share and taxi drivrs

    • Teachers or educational staff

    • Immunocompromised (12-39 year olds)

Must bring evidence of employment (if occupation makes you eligible) or health summary/letter from GP or specialist (if health condition makes you eligible).


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